Graduation Project Ziggo

Boosting Ziggo's image among teenagers by designing a Social TV experience.

The Assignment

The original assignment was to determine which social elements should be added to Ziggo’s TV interface. Should there be a ‘like’ button, a ‘tweet this’ button or other social elements?

After my initial research I decided I wanted to tackle the problem from a broader perspective. The focus of the original assignment was too narrow and implied that social media on a television would be the same as social media on a desktop computer or mobile phone. I wanted to investigate how and if social media should be implemented on a television and how to elicit the most fun and valuable social interactions.

The vision

Internet changed user behavior and their expectations in terms of mobility, availability, immediacy and relevance. Internet beats TV on these aspects, making it an increasingly popular source of content and entertainment. In contrast to this change, people still have a need to share their (TV) experiences.

The goal of my solution was to enable people to add value to linear TV, by making TV experiences shareable on social media.

The solution

The Ziggo+ app offers users a social media network, which allows them to share their TV experience, while adding value to linear TV. Ziggo+ users edit and share all the interesting pieces of TV making Ziggo+ a source of relevant TV content you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Check out the presentation video below to see how the app works.

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